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"Good For You And Our Planet"

In January 2008, we created Eco-Greenscape to meet the needs of our landscape clients who want a beautiful landscape yet also want to incorporate Friendly Environmental Technology into their projects.  In partnering with other industries that are heading to environmental friendly directions, Eco-Greenscape follows five rules: reduce, reuse, recycle, replace and reduce carbon.

In your new landscape project we will incorporate the latest technology and material to reduce or replace the old methods of landscape installations. Eco-Greenscape will incorporate the use of recycled materials, such as brick, cement, glass and wood products, and reuse them in an artistic and functional design to suit your unique needs.  As shown above, we can replace precious water in you outdoor fountains with beautiful succulents that need very litlle water.  Eco-Greenscape helps you conserve irrigating time by installing low water use plants, trees and groundcover with the use of drip irrigation and rain check devices.

Edible landscape is an innovative way to create beauty while supplying nutritious foods that you can "munch on" as you walk through your rolling landscape gardens and also harvest for your table.

Let Eco-Greenscape show what we can do that is "Good For You and Our Planet!"

Our skilled installers will transform your old lawn into something beautiful and new! We only use the newest Eco-friendly 100% recyclable material in all our installations- cooler with no toxic rubber smell! Safe for children and pets! Most realistic look and feel! Your investment will pay for itself in maintenance and water savings in no time at all!   Call to see how Eco-Greenscape can incorporate artificial turf in your unique landscape project today!

    Additional examples of installations we can incorporate into your eco-friendly landscape:

  • Natural approach to pest control, limiting use of pesticides.
  • Use of improved solar light fixtures & LED landscape lighting.
  • Natural drainage to eliminate storm drain run off
  • Lawn and Spray System Removal and Renovation
  • Eco-friendly alternatives to concrete driveways, patios and walkways

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With New or Re-landscape installation by our Company

(Needs New or Existing Indoor or Outdoor Landscape Controller)

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